The Vaping Industry is advancing at a tremendous rate, anyone over the age of 18 can buy powerful mods with a click of a button. With the availability of such devices it’s important to understand them and the batteries that go into them, as they may become explosive if not handled in a proper manner. As Sub-Ohm vaping becomes more widespread it’s vital that vapers know how to handle devices safely.

Should You Worry?

Yes and No. Millions of people around the world vape and the number of incidents involving battery failure/explosions is very low. However, batteries should not be ignored as there have been a number incidents involving misuse of vape devices and poorly constructed items. Incidents range from devices venting to homes burning down. Therefore, you should educate yourself on batteries especially if you are using unregulated devices.

Regulated Devices

Regulated Mods are a very popular option for beginners because they use chip-sets and circuitry to regulate the power that is being taken from the battery. Also, Regulated mods allows vapers to easily adjust the wattage and/or voltage being sent from the battery to the coil regardless of the level of resistance. That said, if you’re a new vaper, a regulated mod is a much safer option than an unregulated devices; however, they aren’t completely safe and therefore, educating yourself on handling the battery is still important.

How to Handle Batteries Safely?

  1. Use the Correct Coils–Most mods limit the resistance of coils that can be used. For safety, please check the specs of the device you are using and never go below the prescribed resistance.
  2. Handle Your Device w/ Care–Some devices come with built-in LiPo batteries that are protected with a thing aluminum casing, meaning drops can easily puncture this foil, causing the battery to vent or even explode.
  3. Authentic–Always purchase authentic Brand Name batteries. Don’t cut corners, instead purchase batteries from authorized dealers. We recommend Vapor Origin, they always seem to have Brand Name batteries, such as Samsung and LG.
  4. Store Safely–Always store your batteries in a plastic container to avoid having the leads touch one another, as this may result in a short, leading to venting or an explosion. Also, never leave your mod resting on a flammable surface and avoid charging your batteries overnight. Always charge your batteries in a space where you can keep an eye on them. Avoid leading the batteries in direct sunlight or in vehicles, as this may heat up the batteries to dangerous levels that may lead to venting or even explosion.
  5. Don’t Overcharge–Do not overcharge your batteries. Most mods nowadays have intelligent chip-sets that cut-off power to the battery when the mod senses that the battery is full. That said, this feature has known to fail on rare occasions leading to overheating and in some rare instances, fire. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to only charge your device when you can keep an eye on it, and never charge overnight.
  6. Amperage–Never exceed the amperage rating of your battery. This is a fundamental rule of battery safety. To calculate amperage, take the discharge rate (amps) of your battery, then divide your voltage level by the coil resistance (ohms) and make sure that you never exceed the battery’s amp rating. Exceeding the amp rating is the quickest way you to cause your batteries to vent or catch on fire.

Battery Safety Conclusion

Having awareness of the basics of battery safety can go a long way in avoiding dangerous situations. Basic devices have the potential for serious trouble if used incorrectly. Only buy batteries from reputable sellers–Vapor Origin–and do not buy substandard products. Devices with removable batteries and mechanical mods require users to be more educated on battery safety and we recommend that beginners avoid them until they understand the fundamentals. If you need vapes that are safe, checkout our partner here.