The SMOK Nord is one of the best Pod Systems that has come across our desk in a long time. There’s only 1 button, the fire (the NORD isn’t triggered by a tug on the mouthpiece), and as you may see from the pictures which accompany this inspection, it sits at the top portion of front facet of this NORD.

The body of this NORD comes with an LED indicator light that lets the consumer know when a charge is necessary. When the time comes, you’ll find that the USB interface on the Base of this NORD, and also an included USB cable at the Kit.

Even though it can appear the SMOK Nord Pod System is only one more entrance into SMOK’s pod mod lineup, it’s unquestionably the very best to emerge from SMOK. The NORD improves over the previous successors in every area of what creates a fantastic ultra-portable pod mod. SMOK developed some awesome Coils for the Nord that we are extremely impressed with and recommend for all vapers. 3 new coils are avaialble for the nord pod system.

There are just two things concerning the SMOK NORD which I didn’t anticipate; great taste and vapor clouds which are thick and big as the older Carto-Tanks I’d like to adore a lot. Yesit’s a Pod Mod, and no it is not likely to throw clouds such as my new Augvape Skynet Pro using its pre-installed Triple Mesh Coils, but for something this small, the NORD pumps outside that the vapor at a decent quantity, for me personally. The pods can go bad after using them for extended periods of time but thankfully you can purchase the Nord pods from reputable vape stores across the internet.

When Compared to other pod system kits, the Nord has two coils individually in the kit for users to install it by themselves. One point you should focus on is installing. You will find 3 contacts around the pod slot of battery mod. For this reason, you need to be certain the coil and the connections match in the ideal way.

Consider of the max output signal is 15w, so the experience once you put in 1.4 coil isn’t good enough. But the throat struck is better. Well it’s possible to refill tobacco juiceof course I give it a go. And not bad.

After one day usage, the leakage-proof is truly satisfying. What’s more, there is also 1.4 ohm ceramic coils sold, if you’re flavor chaser, you are able to think about to get one.