Intro to the I Joy Avenger 270 234W TC Starter Kit

The I Joy Avenger 270 234W TC Voice Control Starter Kit is a dual 20700 device that implements voice control. While the mod itself is futuristic, I Joy paired it with a previous generation Avenger Sub-Ohm Tank. Having said that, the Avenger Tank is still a decent performer, producing clouds of flavorful vapor.

The I Joy Avenger pushes out a whopping 234 Watts thanks to its dual 20700 batteries. What makes the I Joy Avenger special is the inclusion of voice control. For example, a user may use the following voice commands to control the mod: Auto Wattage, Lock Device, Power High, and several more voice commands. However, if you’re old school like me, you can still adjust the mod manually via the screen and firing button. SMOK produced a similar mod, the SMOK I PRIV. So far, these are the two voice controlled mods we have seen here at MVR.

Avenger 270 Build Quality & Design

The Avenger Mod itself is quite impressive, it’s rigid, feels well built, and has a some substantial weight to it. The mod also comes equipped with an LED color screen that is vibrant and visible under most circumstances. The mod also has LED lights on the sides, doubling as adjustments button in case you choose not to use voice control to control the mod. The firing button is seamlessly integrated into the mod and we are happy to report that it’s clicky and firm, firing the mod as soon as you press it.

The battery enclosure houses dual 20700 batteries, closes without any play; however, there is a slight gap in the door, something that could have been avoided by paying a little extra attention while designing the device. That said, it’s not a deal breaker. Overall, the device has good build quality. We give the build quality a B.

Avenger 270 Features & Functions

The I Joy Avenger 270 is feature rich, holding the claim to one of the first voice controlled mods on the market. That said, don’t expect the Avenger’s voice control to be as intelligent as Siri, Google Assistance, or Alex, but it worked well for us.

Voice control is activated by saying, “Hello I Joy,” which is quite a mouth full, but that’s what they have gone with. After initiating the listening mode, you are able to command the Avenger to raise the wattage, lock the device, lower the wattage, etc. I personally found it easier to just adjust the settings manually via the buttons located on the side of the device. That said, it’s cool to show off the voice control to your friends.

The mod features four pre-heat settings to choose from: user, normal, soft, and hard. This pre-heat options allows you to fine tune the intensity of the vapor for the first three second of the puff, in half second increments. Also, the mod supports temperature control for Ni, SS, Ti, and TCR. That said, the features don’t end there, the LEDs are programmable, giving you the ability to choose from four colors choices. There is also a feature that allows the mod’s LEDs to sync to your music or voice.

510 Connection Time. The Avenger features a centered 510 connection that can handle atomizers up to 30mm in diameter without overhanging the mod. As stated previously, the mod is natively designed for 20700 batteries; however, the kit includes adapters, allowing the user to use 18650 batteries.

I Joy Avenger 270 234W Starter Kit Specs

  • Dual 20700 Battery Support (Batteries Not Included)
  • Maximum Wattage of 234 Watts
  • Option 18650 Support
  • Color Display
  • Minimum Atomizer Resistance of 0.06 ohm
  • Voice Control
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • MicroUSB Port – Firmware Updates

Avenger Sub-Ohm Tank

The Avenger Sub-Ohm Tank comes with the Avenger 270 Starter Kit. The tank, although not as futuristic as the mod, delivers decent performance. I am enjoying it thus far. Included in the starter kit is a Mesh Coil, producing decent clouds of vapor and flavor. Personally, if i were to continue using this tank, I would use the Mesh Coil that’s included in the kit.

The Avenger Sub-Ohm Tank is 25mm in diameter, featuring dual bottom airflow control. The Tank provides ample room for eliquid, having a maximum capacity of 4.7 mL and filling the eliquid is easy thanks to its top-fill capability.

The Airflow on the Avenger is fantastic, allowing a plethora of adjustments, ranging from restricted airflow to less restrictive airflow. Restricting the airflow on this tank results in a more flavorful vaping experience. I typically restrict airflow on tanks to get more flavor from my eliquid, but using this tank without restricting the airflow works perfect for me. Overall, this is a decent tank that creates clouds of tasty vapor.


The I Joy Avenger 270 Starter Kit is an excellent choice for more advanced vapers. It might be a good fit for intermediate vapers; however, we do not recommend it for beginners due to the endless options for customization. Some of the settings are too advanced for beginners and there is quite the learning curve to get the device up and running. Overall, the mod is pretty impressive and has a slew of amazing options that will really allow you to customize your vaping experience to your heart’s desire.