Vaping technology is changing all the time. Although vaporizers and electronic cigarettes come in different forms, the basic components are the same.

1) Drip Tip–This is commonly known as the mouthpiece and it sits on top of the tank, allowing users to inhale vapor from the tank itself. The size and shape of the drip tip substantially impacts the amount of vapor inhaled and the temperature of the vapor. Larger drip tips allow vapers to inhale vapor fast and cooler than smaller drip tips. Smaller drip tips are more constricted allowing for less vapor and hotter vapor.

2) Tank/Clearomizer–The tank, commonly known as a clearomizer, is the part that holds your e-liquid. It screws onto the battery using a universal 510 connector located on the mod itself. Tanks are typically made of stainless steel with a Pyrex portion holding the eliquid. 

3) Coil–The coil is the portion of a tank that vaporizes the eliquid by heating it up, converting into vapor. Coils usually need replacing when they stop producing flavor and instead start producing a burnt taste.

4) Air hole–The air hole allows air to flow through the tank, carrying vapor through the tank. Almost all tanks nowadays have adjustable airflow control, allowing vapers to adjust the draw of the tank, making it feel airy or tight.

5) Fire Button–Almost all mods have a firing button that must be manually pressed by the user to activate the vapor producing device. Pressing the button sends power from the battery to the coil. Most modern devices allow vapers to choose between wattage or voltage. Increasing the voltage or wattage slowly is the best method to fine-tuning the desired amount of vapor. Always start low and move up to avoid sending too much power to the coil, which can burn it. 

6) Display–Most Mods today have a display that gives you information about your device, such as the wattage, voltage, coil resistance, and battery level.