First Impressions

The HexOhm V3 comes in an elegant black box. Straight out of the box, the HexOhm is beautiful with its rounded edges and marvelous powder coated finish. The device does not come with an instruction booklet, which is kind of weird at the $179.99 price point, but it’s just one of the quirks you’ll have to deal with this device. The first thing that stood out to us as soon as we removed the HexOhm from the box was the build quality, it’s rigid, it feels durable and it’s beautiful. The device just screams quality.

Should You Buy the HexOhm V 3.0?

The short answer is: Yes!, if you are thinking about buying the Hex Ohm V3, we wholeheartedly recommend it as it is one of the best devices we have ever reviewed. The main attraction of the Hex Ohm is its super tactile dome-style firing switch,which makes it one of the most precise and comfortable switches on the market today. Overall, it’s a very nice switch that makes using the Hex Ohm a joy.

That said, Craving Vapor has equipped the Hex Ohm V3 with a potentiometer, which is basically a mechanism that uses a dial with an arrow on it to point to the different wattages that are available. The potentiometer starts at 0W and goes up to 100W. You dial in the power you need on this mod by setting the pointer to the desired power level and then you fire the device, it’s that simple. 

The device also comes equipped with a flush 510 connection that has been redesigned from the previous renditions of the hex ohm. The connection is made of stainless steel with a brass pin. The pin is spring loaded, yet firm, ensuring compatibility with almost all atomizers on the market today. Also, the mod is 27mm ensuring that all of your 25mm Tanks will fit the mod without overhanging it.

The fit and finish on the HexOhm V3 box mod is absolutley gorgeous. Craving Vapor milled this mod from aluminum and the powder coated finish they applied to this device is gorgeous. The mod comes with a big hex ohm symbol on one side and the other side was left blank. Craving Vapor placed the serial number of the device on the opposite side of the firing button in another small hexohm symbol. There are no vent holes anywhere on this device and the device weighs in at 7 ounces and measures 2in x 4in x 1inch.

The quality doesn’t stop there, the battery door is one of the best that we have seen on any device. The door closes snugly with very minimal gaps, giving the mod a very clean look. Also, the magnets that hold the door into place are very strong, making it a very strong and rigid mod. Shake the mod all you want, you wont hear a single rattle from the door or the firing button. 

The attention to detail does not stop on the outside, on the inside, the battery compartment is made of Ultem injection, which is very durable and has a high temperature resistance. The battery compartment also has a nice battery strap that has hexohm branding on it. The battery contacts are made of spring loaded brass and the negative and positive battery orientations are clearly marked. The batteries that we used fit snugly into the battery compartments, with no movement at all. Comparing the HexOhm v3 to most variable wattage mods, has very clean internals. Wires aren’t all over the place, instead everything is neatly organized and tucked away, giving a very clean internal look. 

How Does the HexOhm V3 Vape?

In our opinion, the HexOhm V3 is special. It’s a joy to vape once you dial in the settings you want. It fires quickly and the Vape that I get out of it on a .35 ohm coil with wattage set to 50 Watts is absolutely phenomenal. Ramp up time is almost instant with a fresh set of 18650 batteries and this thing hits hard. Overall, I am very impressed with the HexOhm V3 and must say that this mod lives up to the hype.


The HexOhm V3 is an excellent mod, if you can’t tell this far, we loved it but it lacks some features we have been accustomed to from devices that are far cheaper. That said, the beauty of this mod is in it simplicity and performance. It performs great and is built like a tank, everything feels premium. Don’t forget it has a lifetime warranty, so if anything goes wrong with it, you can send it in for repair or replacement. Overall, this mod is worth checking out especially if you’re an advanced vaper who knows how to dial in the correct settings. Gets an A+ from MyVapeReviews.