The simple answer is: Yes, vaping does cause dehydration. All e-cigarettes impair your body’s ability to absorb water. This is mainly due to Propylene Glycol, which is standard in most eliquids on the market today. Propylene Glycol is a hygroscopic substance, meaning it binds with the water molecules found in your body. By bonding with the water molecules in your body, PG does not allow those same molecules to be utilized by your body. This inevitably leads your body to absorb less water than it normally could had absorbed had you not engaged in vaping. That said, vaping does dehydrate you, so make sure you drink plenty of water while you vape.

Dehydration Symptoms:
1) Dry Mouth
2) Dry Eyes
3) Headache
4) Constipation
5) Fatigue/Feeling tiered all the time

Vapers may experience these symptoms while they are vaping and like previously stated, it’s due to the interaction of Proylene Glycol with your body. Propylene Glycol is considered by many as safe, as long as it is balanced out with an increase in water consumption. Remember, not all eliquids are created the same. Some have higher levels of Propylene Glycol, so the higher the PG in the eliquid, the more water you will probably need to stay hydrated.

How to Fix Dehydration Caused by Vaping?
Dehydration caused by vaping is easily avoidable, simply drink more water. It takes 64oz or more of water per day to keep people hydrated. Some people require less and some more. Here are some tips to help you out:

First Tip–Eat Fruits–Fruits can counteract the effects of vaping thanks to their high-water-content. For example, apples contain anywhere from 75% to 85% water.

Second Tip–Drink Water–Drinking copious amounts of water while vaping as it helps counterbalance dehydration caused by vaping. Also, drinking water while vaping, reminds you to drink water. Keep a bottle of water close by whenever you’re vaping and you should be okay.

Third Tip–Use High VG Eliquids–Using higher VG liquids will definitely reduce dehydration and its symptoms because high VG eliquids contains less PG, which translates in less water loss. For example, Unicorn eLiquid by Naked, contains 20% PG. This is a great eliquid for those who are constantly dehydrated because it contains significantly less PG than some eliquids, which may contain up to 70% PG. Therefore, it may help to switch to higher VG based ejuices. For High VG ejuices check out this site.